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Graphème - a publication for experimental music scores





smallest functional unit and Graphème is an initiative, founded in 2020 by Mazen Kerbaj, Ute Wassermann, Tony Buck, Magda Mayas, and Racha Gharbieh with the aim of performing and publishing unconventional, hybrid notational formats and graphic scores by international composers.

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Objects Of Interest

Objects of interest is a collaboration between multi media artist Tina Douglas and composer performer Magda Mayas. The project explores materiality and gesture between the visual and the sonic represented through a variety of artistic outputs.



Orchestrating Timbre - Unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance

Research project and doctoral thesis at the Universitiy of Gothenburg, Sweden can be downloaded here:


A disucssion and podcast of the thesis and approaches to timbre, improvisation and instrumental techniques can be found here

Audiopaper A fuchsia colored awning -                            How to structure a composition in real time (2019)





This audio paper is situated within artistic research and explores the qualities and function of timbre, memory and materiality within the practice of musical improvisation from the viewpoint of musicians of different generations and backgrounds.

The title bears reference to a quote from Cecil Taylor and explores the nature of improvisation in music making as a philosophical and ethical approach to life.


Within the dialogical nature of the piece, musicians Cecil Taylor, Andrea Parkins, Tony Buck and Mazen Kerbaj discuss questions around structuring a composition in real-time and the thought processes and different systems and categories of sounds and techniques they have developed to facilitate that.

The author investigates the need to organize sonic experiences and the multilayered qualities of memory as a connecting force in structuring and composing with sound, as well as a reflective and transformative tool in music making.



Creating with timbre

Mayas, Magda. “Creating with Timbre.” Research Catalogue Exposition. Unfolding the Process. Norwegian Academy of Music. November 6, 2019.


An international, peer reviewed issue, published by NMH
ISBN 978-82-7853-270-6


cover photo by Peter Gannushkin