Academic Studies
Mayas studied Jazz Piano at “Universität der Künste” Berlin 1999-2001, followed by an "Erasmus" exchange year at the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam” under Misha Mengelberg, 2001.
Further Studies and Diploma in Jazz piano performance at “Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler" Berlin under Georg Gräwe, 2002-2004.
Since 2015, she is undertaking Phd studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in Music Performance and Interpretation, investigating instrumental techniques, timbre and spatiality in improvised music performance.

Mayas performs internationally solo and in collaboration with a large number of musicians and composers.
She has performed and toured in Europe, the USA, Australia, Mexico and Lebanon and collaborated with many leading figures in improvisation and composers such as John Butcher, Andy Moor, Zeena Parkins, Joelle Leandre, Paul Lovens, Ikue Mori, Phill Niblock, Peter Evans, Andrea Neumann and Axel Dörner. She has performed at festivals and exhibitions such as Maerz Musik (2012,2015), Documenta (2012) or the Berlin Biennale ( 2014).
Radio Work
2013 Documentary for ABC Australia, “Inside Piano”
 the history of playing the piano with extended techniques and modern practitioners today, including research regarding historic keyboard instruments, composers ( Cage, Cowell, Bertoncini) as well as interviews with pianists using extended techniques today (John Tilbury, Anthony Pateras, Reinhold Friedl, Andrea Neumann)
2014 Documentary for ABC Australia, “Real Time Music Berlin”
approaches and styles of improvised music, particularly the “Echtzeitmusik” scene in Berlin, interviews with practitioners and curators
2014 Feature for Deutschlandradio Kultur, “Dream Machine Beirut”
2014 September “Dream Machine Beirut” adapted for ABC Australia
2015 sound essay for ABC, Australia, Creative Audio Unit,  “Home is where the heart is”
Curatorial Projects
Magda Mayas has been curating experimental music events and festivals in Berlin since 2005.
As part of her ongoing research, Mayas founded “Tasten-Berliner Klaviertage” festival, running from 2005-2009, during which contemporary and innovative approaches for the piano were presented, (, featuring pianists and composers such as John Tilbury, Anthony Pateras, Chris Abrahams and Ian Pace.
(with support from “Ernste Musik Projektförderung ” Berliner Senat)
artistic director of “Biegungen” together with Clare Cooper, at “ausland”, Berlin including concerts with Andy Moor, Sven Ake Johansson, Annette Krebs, Joe Williamson, Rhodri Davies, Andrea Neumann, David Watson, Christine Abdelnour

artistic director of “COMPASS” Festival together with Tony Buck, an exchange between leading Lebanese and Berlin musicians and sound artists.
(with support from Goethe Institut and Bezirksamt Pankow Berlin)





co curating Festival „Music Unlimited” in Wels, Austria together with Kazu Uchihashi and Joe McPhee



Masterclasses / Artist Talks / Workshops
Magda Mayas has been giving workshops and masterclasses at Universities and festivals all over the world.

Musikhögskolan, Malmö, 2010, Workshop on approaches in improvised music with Tony Buck
Brno/Czech Republic, „Exposition of New Music Festival“, 2010, Lecture on styles and approaches in improvised music with Tony Buck
Lublin/ Poland „John Cage Year 2012“ at the Faculty of Arts MCSU
3 day symposium on Cage, the prepared piano, history and modern approaches of inside piano playing
Universität Bern, 2016, with Daniel Studer and Frantz Loriot

Mills College, 2012 lecture and workshop on contemporary improvised music approaches with Tony Buck
Wesleyan University 2011 lecture and workshop on contemporary improvised music approaches with Tony Buck
University of Berkeley California, 2012, teaching Myra Melfords class on contemporary improvised music approaches with Tony Buck
Bard College 2011 concert and lecture on improvised music approaches with Tony Buck
Cornell University 2011 concert and lecture on improvised music approaches with Tony Buck
La Salle College 2013 Approaches in Improvised music, with Tony Buck
SOMA, 2014, Prepared and Inside piano in history and modern practice

Brisbane, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
2012, Approaches in Improvised music, with Tony Buck
Brisbane, Queensland University of Technology,
2012, Approaches in Improvised music, with Tony Buck
Sydney Conservatory,
2012 Solo Recital and artist talk, composition class on inside/prepared piano playing
2015 with Tony Buck on Approaches in Improvised Music
Monash University Melbourne,
2015, Solo concert and workshop
2007 - 2017, co-founder and director of „Neue Musikschule Berlin“,

offering instrumental lessons at 10 different schools all over Berlin, as well as interdisciplinary projects, higher education courses and workshops incl teachers and guest artists such as Marc Sabat, Barre Philips, Ute Wasserman, Axel Doerner, Peter Ablinger, Tony Buck and Burkhard Beins.

Performances/Collaborations (selection)




Mayas performs internationally solo and in collaboration with a large number of musicians and composers.




Magda Mayas has performed and toured in Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia, Mexico and Lebanon and collaborated with many leading figures in improvisation and composers such as John Butcher, George Lewis, Andy Moor, Eddie Prévost, Phill Niblock, David Sylvian, Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Hamid Drake, Joelle Leandre, Paul Lovens, Ikue Mori, Ken Vandermark, Okkyung Lee, Nic Collins, Elliot Sharp, Maja Ratkje and Chris Corsano.




2020 February, A race in space festival Luzern, solo


2020 January, Accretion solo with 3 pianos, in Berlin, studio Boerne and Gothenburg,




2019 November, with Vellum, Tony Buck and John Butcher, at ausland Berlin


2019 November, co curating Festival „Music Unlinmited“ in Wels, Performance with Joe


         McPhee and Kazu Uchihashi, and Zeena Parkins, Rhodri Davis, Angharad Davis, 


         Anthea Caddy, Michael Thieke, Christine Abdelnour, AImee Theriot,


2019 October, solo at Gropius Bau Berlin within Rashid Johnson’s work “Antoine’s  




2019 June, at KM28 with Elliot Sharp and Hillary Jeffrey


2019 May, at Exploratorium Berlin with Liz Allbee, Ute Wassermann, Martin Blume,


         Thomas Lehn, Phil Minton


2019 April, solo at Centre for New Music SF, USA


2019 April, residency at Montalvo Arts Centre Saratoga, USA


2019 March, solo performance of „Memory piece“ at the 29 speaker dome at KMH 




2019 March, with Nic Collins and Liz Allbee at KM28 Berlin


2018 September with Christine Abdelnour at Ultima Festival Oslo


2018 September, at Willisau Jazz Festival with Spill


2018 August at Meteo Festival France with Splitter Orchester


2018 July at Kopenhagen Jazzfestival with Lotte Anker and Fred Frith


2018 May, at Akademie der Künste Berlin, with Next International
         Ken Vandermark, Mette Rasmussen, Nate Wooley, Mats
         Äleklint, Jasper Stadhouders, Emilio Gordoa, Steve Heather


2018 April, with Susanne Abbuehl and Marylin Mazur at Lyon Opera


2018 March, Borealis festival with Stephan Meidell’s Metrics


2018 February, Solo at the Berlin Berlinale, in a project with Georges Méliès movies


2017, November, New York, Stone mit Ikue Mori, Tony Buck, Ned Rothenberg und


          Billy Martin


2017, November, New York, duo mit Zeena Parkins, Columbia University


2017, August, Méteo Festival Mulhouse, with Spill


2017, August, A l’arme Festival Berlin, with Okkyung Lee, Chris Corsano and Christine 




2016, November, Bimhuis Amsterdam, Necks 30th Anniversary Festival, with Tony Buck  


           and John Butcher


2016, November, at “Music Unlimited” Wels, Austria, with Zeena Parkins, Carla Kihlstedt  


          and Bob Ostertag


2016, September, LA, Duo with Maja Ratkje


2016 May, The Empty Gallery, Hong Kong, with Spill


2016, April, “Geiger”, Gothenburg, with Eddie Prévost, Palle Dahlstedt and Per Anders




2015 November, at the Huddersfield Festival for Contemporary Music, with Berlin  


         Splitter Orchester


2015 November, at Jazzfest Berlin, with Berlin Splitter Orchester


2015 July, Kongsberg Jazz Festival with Spill


2015 June, Art of improvisation Festival, Wroclav, with Tony Buck and John Butcher


2015 May, El nicho Festival Mexico City, Spill


2015 March, Maerzmusik Festival, Berlin, within a project of Zeena Parkins


2015 March, Solo at Monash University Melbourne, Australia


2015, Februar, Solo at “Te Uru” Gallery Auckland, New Zealand, as part of the Michael 


          Parekowhai Piano Artwork Exhibition


2014 October, Festival Densites, France with Laura Altman and Monika                




2014 October performance within a project of Tarek Atoui at the Louis Vuitton


          Foundation Paris, with Ikue Mori, Jim Black, Zeena Parkins, Keith Rowe, Burkhard


          Beins, Axel Dörner, among others


2014 May/June performance within a project of Tarek Atoui at the Berlin Biennale,


          at the Museum for Music Ethnology in Berlin Dahlem


2014 May, „ausland“ Berlin, with Jon Rose


2014 January,„All ears festival“ ,Oslo with Laura Altman and Monika                 




2013 November, “Suddenly Listen” Music series, Halifax, Canada


2013 October, “Dream Machine” Festival, Beirut, solo performance with “N+M” sound


          and video installation by Phill Niblock


2013, September, Baltimore, USA, “High Zero” festival, solo


2013, September, “Roulette” New York, Solo


2013, September, “Walcheturm” Zurich, with Daniel Studer, Peter Frey


2013, August, “Concepts of doing” Festival Berlin, with Chris Burn


2013, July, “Konfrontationen“ Festival, Austria, with Paul Lovens, Tony Buck, Hamid


          Drake, Joelle Leandre, Liz Albee, Christoph Kurzmann.. “Butch Morris Memorial




2012 November, “Sound of Stockholm” Festival with Laura Altman and David




2012 November, “Fri Resonans” Festival, Trondheim, with Tony Buck and Laura Altman


2012 November, “Unlimited Festival” Wels, Austria, with Laura Altman and Monika                




2012 October, “Rendez vous contemporains de saint merry”, Paris, with Laura Altman


2012 October, London, “Cafe Oto” with Laura Altman and Phil Durrant


2012 September, San Francisco, CNMAT Berkley, with Gino Robair and Tony Buck


2012 September, Seattle,USA, ”Nonsequitur” concert series, solo


2012 September,Interdisciplinary project with writer Carla Harryman (USA) presented at


         “Dokumenta 2012”


2012, May, “Muse ruole Festival”, Bolzano, solo


2012 January, “Zwei Tage Zeit” Festival Zürich, with Tony Buck


2011 November, “Sound trips” Tour in Munster, Cologne, Wuppertal, Germany, with


         Christine Abdelnour


2011 October, “Densites” Festival, France, with Jim Denley


2011 September, “I beam”, New York, with Nate Wooley and Tony Buck


2011 September, “Roulette “ New York, with Tony Buck


2011 August, “Meteo festival”, Mulhouse, France, with Christine Abdelnour


2011 July, “Konfrontationen” Austria, with Laura Altman and Monika Brooks


2011 May, “Codes” Festival, Lublin, Poland with Christine Abdelnour


2011 May, “Freedom of the city” festival, London with John Butcher and Tony Buck


2011 March, Collaboration  with Phill Niblock on the video installation piece “N+M”


         which was premiered in Berlin at the festival “Maerzmusik” and presented at the


         Elysee Lausanne as part of his 80th anniversary retrospective


2011 January Festival “Mona Foma”, Hobart, Australia, with Tony Buck


2011 January, “Bennets Lane”, Melbourne, solo


2010 November, “ÄÄNEN LUMO” Festival Helsinki, with Tony Buck


2010 October, Oslo, “Nasjonal Jazzscene”, with Tony Buck


2010 September, “Echtzeitmusik” Festival, Berlin, Solo


2010 September,Ystad, “Modern Art Museum” with poets Ida Borjel and


         Uljana Wolf


2010 May, “Ring Ring” festival, Belgrade with Tony Buck, James Welburn and Brendan




2010  May, “Cafe Oto” with John Butcher and Tony Buck,


2010  April, “Fylkningen”, Stockholm with Christine Abdelnour,


2010  April, “Irtijal” Festival Beirut, with Tony Buck


2010  March, “Borealis” Festival, Oslo, with Tony Buck


2009  December, “Next” Festival, Bratislava,with Andy Moor, Christine Abdelnour,


          Tony Buck


2009  November, “Fri Resonans” Festival, Trondheim, Solo


2009  October, “City of Women” Festival, Ljubljana


2009  October, “Approximation” Festival Dusseldorf, with Tony Buck


2009  July, “Konfrontationen” festival, Austria, with Andy Moor, Christine Abdelnour,


          Tony Buck


2009  March,  “Exposition of New Music”, Brno,Czech Republic with Sabine Vogel and


          Michael Renkel


2009  February, Boston, Goethe Institute, with Annette Krebs and Anthea Caddy


2009  February “Princeton University” with Annette Krebs and Anthea Caddy,


2009  February, “Bowerbird Series”, Philadelphia, with Annette Krebs and Anthea Caddy


2009  January,USA Tour with Annette Krebs and Anthea Caddy,


          “Stone”, New York


2008  November, “Labor Sonor Berlin” with Okkyung Lee and Tony Buck


2008  September, “Douglas Street Music Collective”, New York, Trio with Tony Buck,


          Nate Wooley


2008  September, “Hideout” Chicago, with Tony Buck


2008  September, “Roulette” New York, Solo


2008  August, Issue Project Room, New York, with Andy Moor


2008  May, “Moers Festival” with Robin Fox, Anthea Caddy, Clare Cooper,


          Clayton Thomas










2020 Duo with Christine Abdelnour on Sofa records


2019 Volumes “View” mit Fredrik Rasten, Isak Hedtjärn and Torstein Lavik Larsen    on Va Fongool


2019 The Pitch and Splitter Orchester, Frozen Orchestra (Splitter) on mikroton  recordings


2018 Spill “Stereo” mit Tony Buck on Corvo records Berlin


2017 “Tempe Jetz” Jim Denley Duo on  creative sources


2017 “Boule Spiel” with Eric Normand and Pierre Yves Martel on tour de bras


2017 “The afterlife of trees” mit Ernesto Rodrigues, Biliana Voutchkova, Guilherme 


           Rodrigues, creative sources, Portugal


2017 “Metrics” with Stephan Erlend Apneseth, Morten Barrikmo


         Hans Knut Sveen, Stefan Lindvall on Hubro records


2016 Solo “Terrain”, on Gaffer Records


2016 Album Splitter Orchester/Felix Kubin – Shine on you crazy diagram, mit Splitter  


         Orchester, on Gargarin Records


2016 Album George Lewis & Splitter Orchester – Creative Construction Set, mit George 


          Lewis and Splitter Orchester, on mikroton recordings


2016 “Hue”, Great Waitress on Another Dark Age


2015 “Spill plus” with Tony Buck and Damon Smith, on nuscope, USA


2015 Studer Frey, one track on Leo Records


2014 “Flock” with Great Waitress, Monika Brooks and Laura Altman, creative sources, 




2014 “Echtzeitmusik” berlin on microtone, one track with Spill


2014 “Radiation”,Transmit, with Tony Buck, Brendan Dougherty, James Welburn on




2013 “Fluoresce”,SPILL (Duo with Tony Buck)  monotype, Poland


2013 “Plume”, trio with Tony Buck and John Butcher, unsounds, Netherlands


2013 “Fukushima!” compilation, Solo, on presqu'ile records, Switzerland


2013 “Gardener” Duo with Chris Abrahams, relative pitch records, New York


2012 “Stockholm Syndrom” with SPILL (Duo with Tony Buck) on


          Beirut label “al maslakh”


2012 “Thread”, with Annette Krebs and Anthea Caddy, Another timbre, England


2012 “Myriad”, Duo with Christine Abdelnour, unsounds, Netherlands


2012 “Lucid” with “Great Waitress”,Monika Brooks and Laura Altman, splitrec, Australia


2011 “Schatten” Duo with Anthea Caddy (cello), Dromos Records, Portugal


2010 "Heartland" Solo, Another Timbre, England


2010 "Teeming" Duo with Christine Sehnaoui (alto sax),Olof Bright, Sweden


2009 "Gold", with Spill, Creative Sources, Portugal


2008 “Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez”, Creative Sources, Portugal


2007 Trio Cd “phono phono”,with Sabine Vogel and Michael Renkel,  


          Absinth Records, Berlin


2005 “Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez – Dirty in the different tradition”,


          with Koen Nutters, Morten Olsen, Carlos Galvez, fmr, London


2003  “n-collective - News from Holland vol.1”, x-or records


          with Koen Nutters, Morten Olsen, Carlos Galvez


2003 n collective, news from Holland volume 1, one track with


          “Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez








“..Magda Mayas has expanded the language for internal piano music making”


Peter Margasak, Downbeat Magazine, 2010






"'s hard to believe that it's a recording of solo piano music. Mayas' training as a classical musician has helped her develop a highly attuned sense of touch for the keyboard, which is still in evidence but now extends to the percussive treatment of strings, arresting control of attack and resonance, and the real-time orchestration of timbres…she's developed an approach to the piano that grapples with the entire instrument, from strings to soundboard, keys to frame..." Michael Rosenstein - Paris transatlantic magazine


"It is one of the widest and deepest adventures into the sonic heart of the piano, including its entire cardiovascular system attached to it.(...) It is so powerful that it's captivating."


Stef Gijssels 




"Put together, it's an exhilarating sonic brew: after her introductory drones disperse, the music flies with cartoon-like velocity. Metrically intricate, brittle patterns ricochet against the instrument casing like it's a pinball machine, strings twanging together like the expressive tuning of a blues guitarist. Towards the finish, keyboard harmonies get more empathically struck – Mayas began with the future and has worked back to the instrument we already know."


Phillip Clark, The Wire









cover photo by Peter Gannushkin