photo by Steffie Weissman



solo LP "Terrain" on Gaffer records


Solo "Heartland" on Another Timbre



photo by Alexander Gumz




Duo with Tony Buck


Spill is the Berlin-based duo of Magda Mayas on piano and clavinet and Tony Buck on drums/percussion, formed in 2003. They have, to date released 3 albums as the duo, and have collaborated with John Butcher on the UnSounds label release Plume as well as with American bassist Damon Smith on the CD Spill Plus (on the Nuscope label).
Tony and Magda have been playing all over Europe, the USA, Australia, Singapore and Lebanon and, for a few weeks in November 2017 , we will be at a residency in California,

to work on a new record!



 photo by Peter Gannushkin


Duo with Christine Abdelnour, sax

Having released two CDs on unsound and Olofbright, Christine and Magda have been playing together since 2009.





photo by Peter Gannushkin





Christine Abdelnour (sax)

Anthea Caddy (cello)

Angharad Davies (violin)

Rhodri Davies (harp)

Magda Mayas (piano)

Zeena Parkins (harp)

Aimée Theriot (cello)

Michael Thieke (clarinet)

Debut album Confluence out on relative pitch records!


"The ensemble is all powerhouse performers but, like a stream is one stream with one name below the confluence, though they may lend their distinctive voices, this is a singularly cohesive unit that subsumes individual style."






photo by Cristina Marx


Jane in Ether


Biliana Voutchkova - violin / voice

Miako Klein - recorders / Paetzold

Magda Mayas - piano

The primary focus of the Berlin trio, founded in 2019 resides in the variety of timbres that arise from the combination of instruments as they overlap or coexist side by side, on patiently creating fragile textures which hover on the edge of audibility only to spontaneously shift direction creating a dynamic space for dense clusters of noise or the sonic suspension of minimal tonal soundscapes. Next year the
trio will release their debut album and play a number of concerts throughout Europe.




Laura Altman, clarinet

Monica Brooks, accordion

Magda Mayas, piano



Great Waitress was formed in 2009, curated as a first time collaboration at the The NOW now Festival in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Since then the trio has released three albums, and performed many events in Australia and across Europe including the NOW now Festival 2011, Sound Out Festival (2011), Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf Austria, 2011), Music Unlimited 26 (Wels Austria, 2012) and All Ears Festival (Oslo, Norway 2014).

Their new LP “Hue” (Another Dark Age), and two CD releases “Flock” (Creative Sources, 2014) and “Lucid” (Splitrec, 2011) are available to order online.

photo by Cristina Marx


Das B.

Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet
Magda Mayas: piano
Mike Majkowski: double-bass
Tony Buck: drums


Das B. was formed in Berlin in 2015, bringing together four musicians who have all developed highly personalised and refined approaches to their instruments. Having collaborated in various constellations before, as a quartet they create a canopy-like sound world, unfolding naturally and flowing organically.

"Atonal dance music for the brain.” - Holger Pauler / Jazzthetik
"the microscopically operating "B" Quartet… a piece of magic." - Guy Peters / Enola
















Isak Hedtjärn,cl,

Fredrik Rasten, gt

Torstein Larvik Larsen, tp

Magda Mayas, piano




A band revolving around the writing, drumming and guitar of Tony Buck, with core line-up of Magda Mayas on organ and piano, James Welburn on bass, and Brendan Dougherty playing drums.

cover photo by Peter Gannushkin